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That’s a little bit like asking how long is a piece of string, but in most cases, from acceptance of the job, through to purchasing of materials, a modest smaller bathroom can be up and running within about two weeks of actually starting the job. It may take longer to acquire the materials necessary though.

Like the question above, this depends wholly on the kinds of materials used and access. Example you can pay between $120 and $20,000 just for a bath.

Yes we do ,if you have a unique design,are happy to do some work yourself or are not really sure what you want we can accommodate that in a contract to suit.

We are happy to quote and have experience in projects from $1000 to $1,500,000.From knocking down a load bearing wall to working on architectural challenging new homes and renovations.

Of course the choice is yours but your building is an expensive asset .We have done plenty of work repairing and making safe work done by entustastic d.i.y and so called tradesmen in relation to structural walls,lintels and balconys left in a very dangerous state.We are registered builders and have to guarantee our work or the Building Commission can put us out of business.

We work all over the metro area and are happy to look into country work.

   We are happy to quote for you any storm damage,fire damage repairs that need to be done.

 Cool we can arrange decks,pools,Alfrescos, lawns and landscaping.

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